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Global Alliance
Against Digital Hate
& Extremism

We are an international movement mobilising collective action for a safe, fair and just online experience for people everywhere.

Who We Are

We are an international movement mobilising collective action for a safe, fair and just online experience for humans everywhere. The evidence is clear: harmful behaviour permitted and exacerbated by social media companies - the spread of disinformation, hate speech, incitement to violence, and extremist propaganda online - leads to offline violence, including genocide, and threatens human rights and democracies.

Our Movement

Our organisations have witnessed these harms first hand. Social media companies are inadequate in their so-called efforts to mitigate harm in the world, and to live up to commitments they have set forth in their own Community Standards and Terms of Service, and in the public commitments they have made to the UN’s Guiding Principles on Business & Human Rights.

Indeed, their actions are fueling harms globally.

An unfair and discriminatory approach to providing resources, particularly outside the U.S., to protect the integrity of the platforms and the safety of the users has led to a gross breach of faith in the social media companies. Real-world, systemic issues - from far-right extremism to genocide to gender bias and racism - are made worse by the business practices of major social media companies.

We cannot strengthen democracies and protect human rights while companies amplify and reward hate and extremism with no accountability.

We Believe In


Companies must afford appropriate attention and resources to the experience of platform users in the Global South as those in the U.S.


Companies must adapt their policies to mitigate regional and local harms, including genocidal campaigns and denial, when identified by civil society.​


Companies must live up their commitments to keep users safe online and prevent the organization of offline violence.


Companies must provide access to real time information on the allocation of resources, content and account moderation decisions, and the application of policies across countries.

Our Priorities

  • End exemptions to content moderation for the politically powerful and influencers globally, implement fact-checking for political ads.
  • Define “dangerous individuals and organizations” designation policies and their enforcement, with the input of civil society, not only in the U.S. and Europe, but in the Global South.
  • Expand and ensure proportionate language and cultural competency for all regions.
  • Fix algorithms to end their amplification of disinformation, hate and extremism.
  • Full transparency from tech companies on their policies, systems, practices and internal research relevant to disinformation, hate, and extremism globally.

Steering Committee Members

The Global Alliance Against Digital Hate & Extremism, led by a steering committee, has a network of more than 70 organizations from all continents except Antarctica.


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Global Alliance Against Digital Hate and Extremism Holds Inaugural Event, Sends Letter to Tech Companies Demanding Action to Protect Users and Democracies
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